I help women undergoing a life transition to deeply connect within themselves, enabling personal growth anchored on love and acceptance.

As a life coach, I practice what I preach.  Life Coaching has been a game changer for me in my personal and professional life.  I need a coach to help me see the forest for the trees, to help me navigate changes and scenarios.  Coaching helps me stay true to who I am and to find out what I really, really want in my life. I have had so many moments of clarity regarding challenges I am facing when working with a coach, that I can honestly say that I want to have a coach in my life. I Love it when I have that burst of inspiration or clarity that suddenly has me feeling wide awake and feeling more aware and in control for any situation that arises. It is empowering.

Do you need a coach? That is the wrong question.  The right question is, Do you want a coach? Do you want to build a relationship with someone who can enable you to gain clarity in many areas of your life? Do you want to feel more in control of situations you find yourself in? Do you want to become unstuck?

Here is what coaching did for me:

  1. Helped me find myself after a tough transition from being married to single and figuring who I was now.
  2. Helped me determine what to do with my career and to uncover my passion in life.
  3. Helped me to take control of situations at work with both co-workers and managers.
  4. Helped me deal with many fears that were holding me back from pursuing my dreams.
  5. Helped me figure out if I wanted to still live on my own or open myself up to a full relationship, that included moving in together.
  6. Helps me take Action so I can move forward with a plan for what I really want in life
  7. and so on..

I’m human, I don’t know the answer to every question. I want a coach because sometimes I just need to talk to someone who is not as invested in my life as my family and friends might be. I need an unbiased person, who can uncover what might be holding me back and will help me see it.  A coach who will ask me the hard questions – the ones that I don’t want to answer and will encourage me to dig deep and answer them. Someone who will support me and cheer me on and be there for me if faced with disappointment.

Coaching for me, is an act of self-care. I need to look after myself, because no one else will. My well-being is important to me and I make it a priority.

If coaching can do this for me, imagine what it can do for you.

Do you Want it?

I offer you… a safe place to land. Space to be open and vulnerable, to find your authentic self. To rid yourself of the belief systems that have impacted your life from day one. To embrace your integrity, set boundaries and live your best life.

I told you What I know for sure, but guess what?  You Know Too.  Yes, you do. Deep down inside, you know who you want to be. You do.

Let me help you find You. Together we are going to find out what is holding you back from being who you truly are, who you want to be, what you want to do.

Let’s find out.

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