I help women undergoing a life transition to deeply connect within themselves, enabling personal growth anchored on love and acceptance.

Here is what gals like you have to say about Your Whole Hearted Life coaching.

“I first met Sarah 6 years ago during a co-op term at Microsoft. Her enthusiasm and passion is incredibly up-lifting. I have been so very lucky to have Sarah as a guide and mentor over many years. She is the first person I think of whenever I am struggling to make big life decisions. She easy to talk to, is a great listener and is truly empathetic. She always has new insights, metaphors or inspirational words that help to motivate me. I consider Sarah my life mentor and I can’t wait to continue our relationship!” – Samina, Naturopathic Doctor, Toronto, ON


“Sarah is an amazing life coach, she is warm, insightful and great fun to talk to!  Sarah has an impressive ability to hold space when working with me, she knows me from an intuitive standpoint and provides support and gentle guidance when I am in a place of stuck-ness.  Her words of wisdom gave me the perfect push at just the right moment to bring my inner child forward to be seen and heard, for the first time in four decades. Thank you Sarah! 

I look forward to working with Sarah again and would recommend her  services to anyone who is ready to make changes for the better!” – Korri, Project Manager, Seattle, WA


“Sarah Finney Coaching has made a fabulously positive impact on my life. I found myself leaning heavily on my coach Sarah when I went through a health crisis. Shortly after moving to a new city and starting a new job, I found out that I would require major surgery on my spinal cord for the fourth time, and that there was no guarantee (surgery or not) that I would not require a wheelchair later on in life. Sarah was an absolute rock as I navigated from the diagnosis, to the surgical decision, to informing my employer, to the surgery itself, to recovery. Our calls enabled me to stay positive and focused on my health – not the “what if’s” or the work I left behind. I considered her to be a part of my “team”, along with my surgeon, nurses, and family.

Beyond this, Sarah has also helped me make some important shifts when it comes to anxiety and positivity. Our work with positive reframing and visualizing anxiety as a “bad roommate” has been very helpful. I even found myself in a negative, anxiety-inducing situation recently and heard my coach’s voice encouraging me to do a positive reframe, and I did!

 For me, coaching has become as important as eating well and exercising to my mental health. I always feel relieved, invigorated, and relaxed – all at the same time – after a call. Sarah is a terrific listener and helps me reach conclusions on my own. I hope that she never retires because I see this as a lifelong connection!” – SAG, Toronto