joy 5_editedI am in transition.

There I said it.  I am in transition.

I can feel it deep inside.  The things I used to like to do are now feeling more like a chore.  I am being called to do things that are more in alignment with my passions. I am hearing my intuition say things more loudly now. I was fighting it, but I have decided to let it flow and I am paying close attention.

I know what this means.

Change, a lot of change is in the wind for me. It is both scary and invigorating. I have choices to make. It is about me and no one else.

I am tired of the “norm”. The things I “must” do. There are things that “should” be doing and I am feeling more and more that it is time to start doing those things.  I have been working up to this moment, taking courses, learning, embracing the new and I knew that this was coming for me for a long time. The question has always been, when? Followed by What shall I do? How should I do it? Can I do it?

Can I do it?

I think so, and lately I can feel it in my bones. I know so.

The trick for me now is to balance, the “must” with the “should” until I am one hundred percent ready to embrace the “should” fully and completely.

It’s hard. I get frustrated more easily with the “must”. I can feel myself resisting the “must”. 

It’s Monday morning, early and I am sitting here writing what is in my heart. Resisting the “must” that has to start for me in a couple of hours. I can feel the “I don’t wanna do this” inside.

But I “must” for now.

I am getting ready – I am working hard towards my goal of embracing my “should” – the thing I am called and compelled to do.

It is starting for me.  I am in transition and I know what this means.

It means a whole new life is opening up for me – one that is in alignment with who I am, who I am meant to be.

I am good with this. Being in Transition can be a hard road, but I know that when I embrace my knowing and let everything flow, good things happen.

The trick is to stop resisting it. What you resist persists, and I know that if I don’t jump in with both feet, that I will continually be called to do so.

So why wait? It’s time.

I am in transition.

I am in transition to doing what I am meant to do.



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