A number of years ago, I lamented to my sister that I was not passionate about anything. Pretty heavy statement.

I had gone through significant life changes, recently ended marriage, had a new job that was more demanding and stretching me in more ways than I realized it would, and stepping into a whole new realm of independence and defining my self-worth.

Talk about growing pains. Who was I? I had lost track of my sense of self and needed to find Sarah again. I had a little notebook which I fondly called “Sarah’s Getting a New Life book” and wrote a list of things that I wanted for myself.

Little did I know how transforming that simple act would be for me.

And the passion, well it came to me in the form of mentoring and coaching young women that reported to me in my corporate job.  I did not want to just be their manager and assign them typical work projects. I wanted more for them. I wanted to help them see their potential and to share some of the things I had learned over the years to help them on their paths.

My sister pointed out to me that my passion was with the young gals I coached – that I lit up when I spoke about them.  My passion glowed from withinI want to help women, all women who are going through a transition in their lives. That is my passion.  That is why I trained to become a Life Coach.

Understanding people and what makes them tick is my passion, and I studied and obtained a degree in Psychology to help me learn more about it, but the learning did not stop there.  I am the person people tend to go to when they have problems and need to support from someone who is non-biased – helping them see the forest for the trees or uncover something that may be holding them back from living the life they want to live.

I can be that person for you.  I want to be that person for you.

I am certified to be a life coach through the Courageous Living Coach Certification training program, which is rooted in the holistic philosophy grounded in supporting clients where they are at. Where are you at?

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