Maybe a reminder of how you also juggle lots of different balls in the air, and I’m betting that there are days when you feel total amazement that you are keeping all those balls moving in a controlled frenzy above your head.

 You are one seriously talented lady!

But in the midst of all of your fabulouso hand-eye coordination, do you ever wonder what it would be like to just let the balls drop? The question to ask yourself is… how many of those balls belong to you and how many belong to the other people in your life?  Which ball is your ball? Are any of them yours?

I am in the middle of having awesome chats with gals just like you, and me.  The Ball Jugglers – the gals who are keeping everyone else’s lives in order and taking care of business, but wondering how they got into this circus when all they had to do as a kid was keep one ball bouncing!

We are exploring how to take back a piece of ourselves and empowering each other to pass off some of those balls to someone else to juggle so we can have some time to be ourselves. We are deeply exploring the sentiment “I can’t remember who I was before life took over” and we are figuring out what we can do to help move beyond that and back into who we really are!  How Fabulous is that?

Want to get in on the conversation? 

I would love to chat with you if you are one of the great all-time Jugglers.  At the very least you get to have a fun conversation with someone who gets it – and really, how many people are you talking to in your daily life that will not judge you for that which you are or are not doing? I can tell you, that I won’t!

At the end of the day we gals need to band together to help one another find ourselves again. Sometimes we get lost in the shuffle of all the roles we play to serve other people in our lives and it is becoming increasingly harder to figure out who we are/were before life got Crazy!

Join me for a 30-minute chat – grab a bevvy of your choice (after all, the best chats between gals is usually with a fun beverage firmly in hand!) and let’s get down to business. If nothing else, we will have an interesting dialogue, some giggles (that is a given) and both of us will come out of it feeling that there is support and that we are not alone in this circus called life!

My deepest appreciation goes out to you for your willingness to share your foibles with me.  I am learning more and more women are in the same situation that we are and how wonderful is it that we can help each other remember who we are and start to embrace those sassy little gals that are hiding within?

I can’t wait to chat with you!

PS… In case no one has told you lately…you are amazing…

PPS… Nice butt!

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